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Chicken Thighs: Second Act

It’s no secret that I find chicken thighs to be a versatile protein. It is great in a variety of dishes. You may recall from my earlier sauteed chicken thighs earlier post, this is a great protein to batch cook and serve up in multiple ways. Some of my favorite include tacos, over rice or potatoes and with a salad. This week, I will be using it in two dishes. One, served on top of a garlicky kale salad and two, with sweet potatoes and cabbage.

New Chicken Thighs Video Content

I’ve also mentioned, I have been working to create videos of many of the recipes that I have shared for quick tips and tutorials to help make cooking easier. This week I’ve made a quick walkthrough of how I like to cook the chicken thighs that you can find linked to my Instagram or Tiktok. You can find the original recipe in the earlier post that is linked above.

I will also be sharing a second video on how to save money on chicken by preparing it at home. It’s easy to do, takes minutes, and can be worth the few dollars saved per ready-to-use package of chicken used. Of course the most cost effective option would be to buy a whole chicken and break it down yourself. If you prefer preparing a particular cut of chicken such as thighs, legs, etc. there is also value in the family pack savings. It is simple in both cases to remove skin and extra fat without the extra cost. Stay tuned for the second video posting tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe to your preferred channel for new content.

Thank you for your views, your likes and for sharing this cooking journey with me. As always, share your thoughts and be sure to like, comment and share the post.

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